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We Connect volunteer health Professionals and accurate information with possible COVID19 victims through Whatsapp & Messenger

Camilo Andres Montañez Aldana, Leandro Camacho, Jorge Grimaldo, Piero Divasto, Lissa Ng

Winners at the COVID-19 Global Hackathon


Across the world, hospitals are collapsed because of thousands of citizens requesting medical services related to the pandemic. Just in Europe, over 1 073 947 people are directly affected by COVID19, and we got really inspired by a real story of a Doctor, that writes in an article "I’m a Doctor in Italy. We Have Never Seen Anything Like This, my country’s health care system may soon collapse. None of us have ever experienced a tragedy like this."

The coronavirus COVID-19 has reached our cities, crossing borders and radically modifying our daily lives. The exceptional nature of the situation means that each and every one of us has to invest efforts that help stop this pandemic, but how can we do it?

So our team start thinking: What if we start promoting telemedicine and digitalising the consults related to symptoms or where to find hospitals, test labs, food or hygiene products. Also helping to fight Fake news and providing motivational content for any person passing through this hard moment.

Telemedicine & consultations online has great advantages: we do not saturate Hospitals with non-urgent visits, we lower the potential infection of doctors and also we reduce the number of displacement and, therefore, the contacts that may cause the spread of the virus.

*Hospitals are collapsing because of the overwhelming request of medical services related to this pandemic. * And this are also other problems we are seeing and it inspire us to build this solution: 1) Healthy individuals with lack of knowledge and inaccurate information unnecessarily going to the hospital with the risk of being exposed to the virus. 2) Waiting times prolonged for people that need the immediate attention. 3) Hospitals Exceeding their capacity & resources with non-emergency cases.

What it does

Through a virtual assistant that runs on WhatsApp, we provide non-emergency support, an through Natural Language Processing models we try to understand how the users feels during the day, for example:

User say: "Bad, I feel very sick" I think that I'm infected Please connect me with a Telemedicine Volunteers

Marie resides in a remote town in Sussex in England, and during several weeks she presented pronounced cough and headaches. So, she start getting worried, and decided to consult a doctor, but this time she doesn't move from her home, and she will be treated in Amsterdam, 7,300 kilometers away. How? She turn on the mobile, open her WhatsApp and connect to a video call, detail her symptoms in the conversation, and wait for a doctor to connect to the call.

User say: "I'm ok, just looking for information" I live in Santiago de Chile and I want to track Today's news about COVID-19, find Hospitals near me, Test Labs, find Food and Hygiene products or identify a Fake new.


User say: "I want to become a Volunteer" Doctors, Pharmaceutics, Psychologists, among other health workers can become members to our Volunteer Global Telemedicine network. Become a Hero

How we built it

We use Natural Language Processing models to understand what users are saying and typing... We connect the NLP model to FB Messenger and Whatsapp API to capture Parameters from the conversations and provide the users the best option.

Also, this effort wouldn't be possible with the support of over 100 Developers and Citizens that help us on task's such as Testing, conversational design, communication among others. Their names are: Daniel Rojas Roa (VR/AR Developer), Andrey (Health Coach), Joshua Pedraza (AI Developer) & many other testers of the platforms across countries like: Canada, United States, México, Guatemala, Brasil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain and others.

Challenges we ran into

-Terms of Use of Messenger & Whatsapp for Business API for Emergencies Services.

-Train the model in different areas such as: Feeling Bad or Sick, Feeling ok and looking for news, places or products, and Becoming a Volunteer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Whatsapp Virtual Agent: (Testing Instructions):

1- Add the phone number as a contact: +1 415 523 8886

2- Write the command: *Join *

3- Start the conversation: "Hi", "Heeelp", "Let's start" or any other

Open Github Repo to our solution

Terms of Use

What we learned

Contribution with multiple countries to address this pandemic can help us have a better context of the challenges that we share and which one are really different, make a match between them and scale a powerful solution against human main challenges, such as COVID19.

Telemedicine is an effective first filter and allows Medical & Health center's to allocate available resources to those critical cases who really need them. In addition, using remote control terminals, it facilitates the monitoring of chronically ill patients, to whom treatment is provided at home whenever possible.

What's next for Bacty Bot

  • Build cheap Telemedicine equipment
  • Empower Doctors across the world

//Disclaimer: Opinions are our own, not of any company, program or their products. Each Developer Expert is fully responsible of their services, and is not affiliated with other Company nor do they offer services on behalf of a Tech Company. Customers are fully responsible for their use of services, if any. This code is a sample, should not be used for any potential production workloads.//

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