Vulnerable Populations

Problems faced by the groups of people who are disproportionately affected by the various health, economic, and social issues related to the COVID outbreak around the world, such as those with underlying health conditions or a thin social safety net.

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Comfort Care

Comfort those with COVID-19

Communities Against Corona

Covid-19 has led to the scarcity of essential items such as toilet-paper and water. This website provides a platform for people to help their communities by offering their extra resources to others.

Contribute Now

Help the poor living in your area by donating money or working as volunteers on the food hubs. Poor people will get food on door step without worrying about money.

Covid Co-Op

In partnership with, we built to allow Americans to shop online for what they need, while donating a meaningful percentage of their purchase to COVID-19 relief funds.

COVID-19 California Benefits Tool

Use this tool you discover which government benefits you're eligible for if you have been impacted by COVID-19.


A service to match individuals in SF under self-isolation (e.g., vulnerable seniors) with local volunteers to deliver essentials like food and edicine.


Our idea is to build an application that connects older and more immunocompromised members of communities to people who are willing to volunteer to help them get food and supplies that they need.

Crisis Heroes

A free community platform enabling the sharing of services and resources to ensure no one is left stranded.

Handzap Lite

A Lite version of Handzap Mobile App, particularly customized to enable people to freely and powerfully request help or lend hand to their fellow neighbors and friends during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Help Harbor

an application that matches people who need help and people who can help using geolocation data

Help Me Delivery

Giving vulnerable populations an easy platform to identify local shops, build shareable shopping lists that they can easily share with friends, family or trusted connections on social media.


Providing income using mobile based Data Labelling game in India

I for You

I for you is an application that allows you to get in touch quickly and easily with people who can offer practical support, to those who need it most, who are in difficulty or who are alone .

Nashmi Service

Volunteer services for neighbourhood

Project Liber8 Chatbot

Language barriers limit info access to migrant workers in Malaysia on COVID19 & effect of government-imposed lockdown. Project Liber8 Chatbot fills this gap by providing accessible info in 5 languages


We build apps to connect rural communities to health support. We are enhancing out tools for COVID-19; including chatbots, health worker education, supply chain for medicines and insurance access

The Kindness Project

Request or offer help to those in your community affected by the pandemic รขยยครฏยธย We're on a mission to help the most vulnerable amongst us get support during the current crisis.