Mar 26–30, 2020

18,000+ innovatorsfrom 175 countriescreated 1,560 projects

The #BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon was an opportunity for global developers to come together and tackle challenges related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Innovators around the world were encouraged to use technologies of their choice across a range of suggested themes and challenge areas—some sourced through health partners including the World Health Organization and scientists from the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub.

The hackathon welcomed locally and globally focused software solutions, with support from technology companies and platforms including AWS, Facebook, Giphy, Microsoft, Pinterest, Salesforce, Slack, TikTok, Twitter and WeChat, who shared resources to support participants throughout the submission period.

Highlighted projects

We consider every participant who dedicated their time and skills to #BuildforCOVID19 a winner. That said, our team of health & technical expert judges have spent the past week considering the viability, potential and scalability of submissions to land on the following highlighted projects.

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#CeLaFaremo (Italian)

A website that contains optimistic information about the COVID-19 situation.


Inspiring the youth to stop COVID-19: can a global scale high stakes social game help inspire millions of Millennial and Gen-Z individuals across the world to engage in social distancing and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus?
🇨🇴 provides at-home Covid-19 screenings via web application. We use CV, video-chat, and a symptom scoring system to assess Covid-19 risk and escalate critical patients to local health volunteers.

Ask Nameesa

A Conversational AI raised 50,000 Egyptians awareness about COVID-19, aspires to be everyone's personal health companion and awareness spreading tool, with the initial focus of COVID-19

Communities Against Corona

Covid-19 has led to the scarcity of essential items such as toilet-paper and water. This website provides a platform for people to help their communities by offering their extra resources to others.

Contribute Now

Help the poor living in your area by donating money or working as volunteers on the food hubs. Poor people will get food on door step without worrying about money.

Corona Tracking, Treatment and Prevention using Cell Phone

Empower people to assess corona risks and get automated and specialists’ treatment. Develop a risk- based maps to take symptoms-based early intervention and optimize resources to prepare healthcare.


CoronaTracker is an easy-to-use & accessible progressive web app that helps you monitor your wellness & stay informed around COVID-19, while decentralizing the data with blockchain-based technology.


Our idea is to build an application that connects older and more immunocompromised members of communities to people who are willing to volunteer to help them get food and supplies that they need.


The platform aims to help enterprises overcome the difficulties in recruitment and people find jobs after the COVID-19 outbreak.


An open platform that empowers makers and suppliers to offer PPE supplies to validated health professionals.

Help Harbor

an application that matches people who need help and people who can help using geolocation data


HospitalHero is an online platform that makes it easy for healthcare workers to request support for essential needs like meals, lodging, and medical supplies—and for volunteers to respond.


Providing income using mobile based Data Labelling game in India

Let's Learn

Let’s Learn is a VR E-Learning platform that gives you an immersive learning experience on the 360° view you can have the Teatcher and the Presentation on 1 view


Intuitive decision making platform where government agencies, hospitals, and suppliers can quickly and accurately gauge current supply, anticipate future case burden, and forecast upcoming needs.

Med-Supply.Life for Lives

We are saving lives by bridging the information gap between Asian medical suppliers and US healthcare providers to combact COVID-19


A platform to help people stay connected with the community and check in with one another around the neighborhood.

Notes for Support

Sending anonymous letters to patients & health care workers

Open Meal is a marketplace that allows financially capable people to buy a meal for someone in need through a restaurant that is impacted

Project Liber8 Chatbot

Language barriers limit info access to migrant workers in Malaysia on COVID19 & effect of government-imposed lockdown. Project Liber8 Chatbot fills this gap by providing accessible info in 5 languages


Our realtime queue system managers that people arrive just-in-time at the doctor


Donate your spare computer cycles to find drugs for COVID19 ! This platform performs small-molecule docking against key virus proteins by using volunteer computers.


We build apps to connect rural communities to health support. We are enhancing out tools for COVID-19; including chatbots, health worker education, supply chain for medicines and insurance access

Stop The Spread

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Nigeria in mind, Stop the Spread is a web application the serves the purpose of linking people with volunteer medics, report symptoms, easily access information


It’s a community site supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

You Can Do One Simple Thing Daily to Help... Everyone

Everyone should track their health and symptoms daily (even when asymptomatic to help your community manage risk, inform policy, and win the war on COVID-19
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