Alternative learning environments and tools for students, teachers, and entire school systems.

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Enabling users of news websites and open/closed social networks to request fact-checks directly from their browser or mobile app


COVID-19 cognitive search engine powered by IBM Watson


Instead of one-way communication like on-demand delivery, this product that can easily and interactively communicate in real time with anyone who has white paper, black pen, and smartphone.


Empowering global knowledge through remote mentoring

Let's Learn

Let’s Learn is a VR E-Learning platform that gives you an immersive learning experience on the 360° view you can have the Teatcher and the Presentation on 1 view


RemoteTA is an online volunteering platform, connecting high school students with elementary school teachers. Students act as remote teacher’s assistants and help with various online projects.

Zoom Education Suite

ZEST: A series of Zoom enhancements designed to augment the remote learning experience.