Corona Tracking, Treatment and Prevention using Cell Phone

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Empower people to assess corona risks and get automated and specialists’ treatment. Develop a risk- based maps to take symptoms-based early intervention and optimize resources to prepare healthcare.

sabuzdneuros, olinur razib, Riad Mahmud, AHM Rezwanul Islam, ATM Sayfuddin, Md Anik Alam


Mobile phone has much wider population coverage than the internet and also considered more user friendly, especially in developing and least developed countries. We wanted to utilize its potential to track, treat and prevent corona virus infection.

What it does

 If anyone is symptomatic of the Corona virus infection, the person will dial a number (USSD based dial/ IVR based call).
 Then the person will be asked a range of automated questions regarding the patient's history and symptoms. These questions are designed by a team of expert physicians and can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no'.  This information will be used determine the risk level of the patient, using a predefined scheme developed by the team of expert physicians.  In the next stage, the personal will receive risk based treatment via automated texts and telemedicine.  This geographical information can then be projected onto a map that will provide a real-time view of the number of suspected and affected people, categorized by risk levels through out the country

This technology will help in many way, for example,

  1. Right now mostly critical patients receive the treatment from a qualified physician. This technology will ensure treatment for all corona patients based on associated risks via automated texts and specialists' instruction.
  2. Majority of the patients experiences mild symptoms and go through self recovery. By providing the remote treatment assistance this technology will help reducing hospital burden and preventing cross contamination.
  3. During this pandemic, the healthcare professionals are the most vulnerable with the highest level of exposure. This technology will ensure risk-based resource optimization to prepare healthcare facilities with appropriate PPE and quarantine zones to treat corona patients and protect healthcare professionals.
  4. The most important outcome is that, it will ensure symptoms based early intervention compared to the test-based intervention to control and prevent Corona virus infection.

Challenges I ran into

The platforms needs to be developed and controlled by the appropriate authority. So, the real challenge is to convince them in the fastest possible way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is a simple platform with a tremendous impact

What I learned

The critical thing during pandemic is to empower people and assure them. If you can control them, you can control the virus.

What's next for Corona Tracking, Treatment and Prevention using Cell Phone

Collaboration between respective Government and telecom industry.

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