Vulnerable Populations

Our idea is to build an application that connects older and more immunocompromised members of communities to people who are willing to volunteer to help them get food and supplies that they need.

Vignesh Krishnan, lakers38 Kedari, Varun Vedula


There are a lot of individuals who are either elderly or immunocompromised that should not be risking their health and going outside to get their necessities like food and other supplies. There are a lot of us healthier individuals who are less at risk who can do this for them and deliver to them in a safe manner.

What it does

Connects those who want to volunteer to help purchase and deliver groceries for someone in need. A user can register as a deliverer or a receiver and see a list of corresponding people who they can help or be helped by. It will connect users to others within their local community.

How I built it

We first created a sketch of the app. We began development in xcode, but were not able to finish. Our github repo contains our current development process. It is not very functional yet, so we decided to present our prototype instead.

Challenges I ran into

It was all of our first times with xcode, swift, and AWS, so we took some time to figure things out.

What I learned

Overall, a great learning experience and primer into iOS development for our group. Learned how to use AWS Cognito and a little bit of dynamoDB as well.

What's next for SupplyRun

Continuing development!

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