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Time travel enabled covid19 dashboard. Engaging, beautiful, pink. Because data that people actually want to understand is the foundation of societal conformity.

Michał Gacka


From the start of the pandemic, I appreciated how easily accessible data was but I found the available dashboards hard to read, not easy to interpret and not very engaging. My background is in machine learning and web development, and I've been working with data driven projects for quite a while so I decided to make COVID19.PINK my side project.

What it does

There were 2 main ideas for COVID19.PINK:

  • a more readable map with a time travel capability
  • graphs for comparing infection trajectories to easily interpret where in the stages of pandemic your country is

Now, after accommodating multiple user requests, it grew to become a full-fledged dashboard with similar functionality to other ones available online on top of the two thing mentioned above.

How I built it

One of the most important assumptions is that the page is responsive and engaging, thus React was my choice of technology. Plus material UI for the speed of development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Won the first-responded prize in

What I learned

It's only been around a week that I've been playing with COVID19.PINK but I've already learned quite a lot about smooth data visualization, UX in this kind of application and data handling.

What's next for COVID19.PINK

This: and more :) I'm especially excited to look into using simple Machine Learning to predict a few days into the future to give users a better idea of what's to come.

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