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A platform that allows people to help-out each other however they can while also providing an incentive to do so.

Benas Zabita, Alessandro Giordo, Agustina Morero, Hanane Jendoubi, Marily Nika


During the current coronavirus crisis it has become clear that various essential activities are becoming harder to do. Millions of people around the world are in quarantine and lockdown and are advised to stay at home. Some of those people are in the higher-risk group but they still need essentials like everybody else including getting groceries, getting food from deliveries or having a call if they're feeling lonely.


Covid19 has drastically changed people’s lifestyles and reshaped the way we are living. It has become harder for many, especially those in higher-risk groups, to get essential items like groceries, medicine, food from local restaurants or even to have social time with their neighbors or acquaintances.

What it does

Our platform provides a solution to that problem while abiding social distancing rules, incentivizing those who are helping and also supporting local restaurants and businesses which are having a hard time right now. How it works - people register on the platform and verify themselves using social media profiles, after that they can request for favours or complete favours for others. Once you complete a favour you get rewarded with dynamically calculated reputation points and you can share your achievement to your friends on social media! Reputation points allow the community to see the kindest people around them! But what happens if a person wants to help but cannot because they're having a strict stay-at-home quarantine? Well, he can donate the money which gives it to a local business like a restaurant, cafe or simple shop. The business then issues a gift card/certificate on our platform which is being rewarded to the best performers in the local community!

How we built it

We built it with classic technologies these days - React stack in the front-end and ExpressJS in the backend. Also we created UX wireframes and prototypes using Figma and Sketch.

Challenges we ran into

Time zones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a website running on favourfavour.com and are building everything we need faster than we can think! Also we're proud of our tech stack which allows us to iterate quicker.

What we learned

We learned how important planning and team work is and lots of little technological quirks.

What's next for FavourFavour

We're going to continue developing the product! Currently there's still privacy issues and payment solutions not implemented yet which wouldn't allow it to become a ready-to-ship solution but it's going there.

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