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an application that matches people who need help and people who can help using geolocation data

porames vatanaprasan


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a difficult moment for everyone. Many people can't get out of their home and feel like they are isolated. This can make us feel like we are alone. However, we are lucky enough to have internet access that can connect us with anyone around the world. I want to create a platform that allows people in the community to come together and be their brothers' and sisters' keepers and help get through such a difficult time together. To be honest, the biggest inspiration for this project is from Tinder. It is a location-based social media that allows people to create announcements, to offer help or ask for help.

What it does

Help Harbor is an application that connects people in the community during such a critical event like this. When a person has something to offer or needs help, they can create an announcement in the app and provide contact information and the location. People in the nearby area will be able to find the announcement and contact the person.

How I built it

This application is a web-based application which doesn't require any installation. It was developed using ReactJS as a UI library. The backend is maintained by Firebase, Firestore for database and Cloud function for API. Mapbox is used for location selection and reverse geocoding.

What's next for help harbor

Currently, the application is available only in Thai language. Multi-Language UI will be available soon. If the concept is proven, I will consider develop it into native versions for iOS and Android devices. I will implement the app in my local community and conduct a user behavioural research to find out more about what can be improved.

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A project from #BuildforCOVID19

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