Remote monitoring to support health during COVID-19

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Building a catalog of connected sensors that can be used at home to measure vital signs: temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

Andrea Coravos, Michael Henning, Christine, Dena Mendelsohn, Reshma Khilnani, johanmickelin


Remote monitoring is surfacing as a crucial tool in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to collect biometric and physiological signals from patients. We are here to support hospital systems, telehealth providers and researchers who need to collect signals from patients at home. We’ll aid you in the decision-making process when rolling out fit-for-purpose remote monitoring technology for your population.

What it does

We're working with a start-up, Elektra Labs, to offer access to a subset of the Atlas catalog to help qualified researchers and clinicians rapidly identify products that may assist in measuring COVID-19 related symptoms at home.

We’ve published data on a subset of tools that measure vital signs: temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, we made a decision to temporarily expand the Atlas to include non-connected tools.

This is an all-hands-on-deck, best-effort fight to save lives and we are proud to support those on the front lines by making this list available for researchers and clinicians.

How I built it

We tried to keep things as simple as possible by mapping a user-journey with 3 simple steps – started with the "marketing page" towards adding a dedicated session for registered users and providing details to a specific product.

Challenges I ran into

We initially didn't know exactly of what people really need and conducted multiple user tests + interviews to balance the result of having "a list of devices" and educate the users about the evaluation framework and process required to find the perfect matching device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're especially proud of our whole process from "not knowing how to support the community" to "launch a product that had already iterations" – which took us less than 2 weeks!

What I learned

Our target audience in this specific case is extremely diverse. Everyone has different needs and we need to learn way more about what the world really needs.

What's next for Remote monitoring to support health during COVID-19

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