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Information about coronavirus from WHO via voice, text Assistant with artificial intelligence (like Polish Government did in Poland) in Google Assistant, Messenger, phone line, www in 30 languages

Katarzyna Dorsey

YoshAI created the demo for The Polish Ministry of Digital Affair showing the project allowing to share the information provided by The Polish Ministry of Health through the voice assistant based on artificial intelligence- it was right away confirmed to be developed. The phone line for the Ministry of Health had over 37K calls per day and consultants could not answer the questions from the public. The virtual assistant is available in voice and text version- currently live on The Ministry of Health phone line, still waiting for the approvals for voice version on Google Assistant, text version on www.gov.pl and Facebook Messenger. The assistant can be also potentially accessed through Alexa, Twitter, KIK, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Slack. The assistant functionalities are:

  1. answering most common questions and answers delivered to us by The Ministry of Health like symptoms, how to prevent, statistics, things to do, addresses of the hospitals, phone numbers etc
  2. showing the closest hospital with the infectious disease department based on the person localisation or postal code
  3. presenting the preview of the news from the official site and redirect ing to the site with more information We have developed the version for The Polish Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Digital Affairs within 2 weeks - 14 people team of developers, AI experts, linguists and copywriters in cooperation with a team of the Ministry of Health Department (providing us with the information) and the team The Ministry of Digital Affairs on the technological side. The assistant since it is based on artificial intelligence is being trained every day with more questions and also the knowledge base is being build further. We were able to do it in such a short time due to many years of experience we have in developing AI assistants for big corporations like MediaMarkt, CCC or Frisco. The challenges we are facing are around meeting all the demands of the lawyers around GRPR, even though we have done many times for big corporations together with the biggest law firms without any problems. Additionally the problem that users had with activating localisation was resolved by adding the possibility to add postal code to locate the closest hospital. Currently the system is being further trained with new questions. We are proud to give efficient, digital solutions that can provide information to millions of people simultaneously thanks to using AI and digital channels like website, and platforms like Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and more traditional like phone line. We can extend the solution to more channels including Alexa and WhatsApp and other. We have learned that AI virtual assistant technology can immediately resolve a lot blocks around providing information to the public and it is very needed in the modern world.
    Our focus now is to launch the solution on more communication platform, everyday teach assistant answers to more questions, broaden it's knowledge base and train AI to understand the human questions better. Also we would love to introduce the assistant in more languages to give the people access to the most important information. We can adapt it to about 30 languages.
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